Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Droid Calendar

Coming from Palm, Droid kind of sucks for a power calendar user.

On Palm (with Datebk6), I had every minute of every day planned, with floating to-do events filling in the gaps. I check my calendar/to-dos many many times a day, it is my life.

Things you CAN do:

  • Show multiple google calendars.
  • Sync with Outlook AND google using google sync and/or the Corporate Calendar app.
  • Customize a widget for your home screen (Pure Calendar is the best).

Things you can't:

  • Easily and quickly add an event (you have to set lots of options for every event).
  • Easily change the time of an event (it's like a rotary dial... uggh)
  • Easily navigate to a day a long time from now
  • Slide from month-to-month (only week-to-week, or day-to-day)
  • Show ALL your 10 years of google calendars (without a lot of work) - for some (me, at first) it only shows 1 month of your past data, and one month in the future. Currently, mine is showing 2010 and 2011, so I may still try this to get the entire calendar on there.
  • Show To-dos (at specific times, and be able to check them off) and your calendar in one widget/app.
  • Easily look at untimed events in the default calendar. They are all crammed at the top, you can’t see them without clicking on each one.

I tried many calendars/calendar widgets: Gemini (hated the default view), Agenda Widget (too busy looking), CalWidget (not customizable enough), Calendar Pad (no default 1 day view?, and just looked "messy" to me) and some others.

I just downloaded IRT Calendar ($5.99), and it does look promising (except that it currently doesn't support Exchange servers, which I think means there's not an easy way to display my work Outlook calendar). Per their website, the developer is going to add floating events to the Pro version, which would rock my world.

Currently, my Palm equivalent "calendar" is a combo of Pure Calendar Widget (using the default Droid Calendar), the Remember the Milk Widget showing one day of To-dos, along with Calendar Companion ($1.99) which allows you to search ALL your google calendars (but only one word phrases).

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