Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Droid Day

I was very excited the day the Droid X arrived in the mail. I couldn't wait to charge it up and play around with it. I went through the set up process (thanks to CompanionLink, all my contacts from my Centro that had been sent to Google Contacts were on the phone as soon as I logged into Google from it (awesome)).

The calendar, however, was a different story. The steps in my previous entry is actually a concise version without all the trial-and-error that I did. It took DAYS for my calendar to actually work sort of correctly.

Meanwhile, I was experiencing Stages of Grief over the loss of the Palm calendar(Pimlico's Datebk6):
1. Denial - "Droid CANNOT have this crappy of a calendar!"
3. Bargaining - "I would pay $1000 if Pimlico would come out with a Droid calendar."
4. Depression - "I give up, I'm going to take this damn Droid back."
5. Acceptance - "Well, with Pure Calendar and RTM, I can have both my calendar and my To-dos on the same screen..."

I also had headaches, I felt incredibly stressed about not having all my data in one place, and I really couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The second week felt better (found 3Banana, heard Pimlical may come to Droid in ~2 months, discovered the 8 MP camera (wow!), played around with Google Maps (had a “map off” with my hubby & his Iphone), downloaded some wallpapers, and realized how powerful the Droid X really was). I’m still carrying my Palm (for Handyshopper and Splashmoney), but I can see a day when that won't be necessary...

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