Monday, August 9, 2010

Palm History

I got my first PDA - a Handspring Visor with Palm - in September 2000. Prior to that, I was in college, and obsessed with writing everything in my planner. Having a little computer to put it all in was a whole new world for me.

A couple years later I upgraded to the pretty blue Palm Zire 71. I dropped it one time too many, and smashed the screen, and bought a refurbished one on ebay that same day.

In 2006, there were MANY Palms on the market. I did tons of research, and ended up with the Palm T|X. Just over a year later, I started having digitizer issues with it. Fortunately, my dad had recently grown tired of his TX and gave it to me.

December 2008, I finally took the Smartphone plunge and got a Palm Centro. The INTERNET on my Palm? HEAVEN!

Since then, there has been all this news swirling about Palm getting bought out, them not supporting their software, and how their smartphones were not nearly as smart as Iphones... or Droids. I knew I had to make a switch. Being on Verizon, I held my breath for an Iphone on Verizon with every rumor. June of 2010 came with no Iphone, I was ready for Droid.

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