Friday, August 13, 2010

Memos/Notes Apps

Coming from Palm Desktop with over 400 memos, it was important to me to have a way to easily get all the memos to the Droid, and still have a way to edit them on my desktop. I am constantly cutting and pasting various recipes and travel information in there, and I needed access from anywhere. I didn't think that was much to ask for, but it took me way longer than it should have to find a suitable app.

I tried:
  • Note Everything - Notes are only editable on Droid
  • Goo Memo - seemed promising, since it uses an editable .xls file in Google Docs, but everytime I tried to cut and paste my memos in, it would truncate SOME of them, but not all. FAIL.
  • GDocs Notepad - everytime you opened a note on the Droid, it had to load it in from Google Docs, and it was way. too. slow.
  • Evernote - Fully editable through desktop application, but only able to “Append Text” on Droid, also really slow to load each note.
  • Noteworthy Pro - I couldn’t find it in the Market.

And the winners were:

  • 3banana / - It syncs with (although you have to tell it to sync), and you can use # tags to Categorize your memos. I did have to individually cut and paste all 400+ of my memos, but it really didn’t take all that long. It's a little painful to have to scroll through pages of memos on snaptic, but you can search to find the one you want, also.
  • BFolders - Made to store passwords, but can store memos too. It is password-protected, and there is a desktop application you can download to edit files on your desktop. However, you have to initially turn OFF your firewall to sync the first time and since I sync at work, I couldn't do that. So, I do keep my private memos and passwords in there.

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  1. I quite like Springpad. It has a good Android app and a web interface for on your desktop. It also has many ways of organising your notes.