Monday, August 9, 2010

Palm Calendar to Google Calendar

With July 15 (Droid X's release date) approaching, I had done enough research to know that I needed to get my Palm calendar over to Google. With 10 years of calendar entries (and I put EVERYTHING in there), this was no easy feat.

I read this thread several times.

I tried this - she was kind enough to convert my file for me since it was so large via email, but google calendar still wouldn't take it.

CompanionLink - all my calendar entries were completely messed up, BUT this did get my contacts ported over to google with NO problems.

I also tried this dbatocsv, but once again Google wouldn't take my large file.

I kept reading about Pimlical, and since I am a huge fan of Datebk6, I paid the $30 for their Desktop software. Now this software is not for everyone. It is VERY powerful software, but not entirely user friendly (and the Help files don't cover much of the software beyond the basics). With that said, the developer is EXTREMELY helpful, and always answers emails within a day.

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